Catering & Banquets

Low-N-Slow Cali BBQ Catering

We barbecue all of our meats in our Ole Hickory Smoker with select cooking woods after they have been seasoned with our specialty Cali Dry Rub.  Passionate about remaining true to barbecue tradition, we have developed our menus for our Low -N- Slow Cali BBQ Restaurant & Catering Truck to offer only the highest quality BBQ in San Diego.  Since we smoke the traditional way, “low-n-slow” there are times that we run out due to increased cravings for great tasting barbecue. We know that those of you who understand the true art of barbecue realize that once we are out, we are out.  We cannot smoke up another batch of great tasting BBQ until the next day.  A general rule of thumb for our smoked meats are as follows:

  • Pulled Pork – 14 Hours
  • Pork Ribs – 6 Hours
  • Chicken – 4 Hours
  • Brisket – 12 plus hours
  • Tri-Tip – 2 Hours

Cali Comfort Catering  & Banquets

In addition to our Low-Slow Cali BBQ Catering services we offer comfort menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner events. Our guests love to rent out the various rooms in our restaurant to host their banquets and events.  We can cater your next golf tournament, wedding reception, banquet, fantasy football draft party, tailgate party, birthday, corporate event or memorial. We offer affordable pricing and look forward to working with you in the future.



Please email or 619-337-0670 to book your next event!